Pretty well everyone has a chance to contribute at Good News.
Have a look at the roster to get ideas about how you could be involved.


What does membership at Good News mean for me?

As a city congregation, we see people come and go over the years. While you're with us, we'd love you to get to know others in whatever way works best for you. We pray that when you need some help, you'll know where to turn and the rest of us won't be saying 'if only we'd known about his/her need!'

All running costs for our congregation, plus a contribution to the Lutheran Church of Australia, are funded by our Sunday offerings, which is both a discipline to help you grow in faith and completely optional. A regular offering plan, whether by Regular Automatic Giving (REG) or offering envelopes, would help a lot. Please use this form to get set up:


News and events

Click on the link below to see our weekly news and events. Please contact us if you'd like to receive our weekly email news, or if you have news or an event to share, or like us on facebook.

Your prayer requests will not be shared on this website, but only with those for whom you give us permission.


Leadership and decision-making

Every confirmed member of Good News is a voting member. General meetings of the congregation are held twice a year, usually in March and November for general business and planning of our ministry. Between these times, Good News Church Council meets monthly on behalf of the congregation to coordinate our ministry, management and governance. Any voting member may volunteer for election to Church Council.